Anti-procrastination project: Day 1

So, a little while ago, I started a blog. It was definitely a harder task than I anticipated. In the end, I wound up deleting that blog because of my little procrastination issue and lack of follow through. I just didn`t make the effort to keep up with it because it wasn`t perfect from the start…a typical perfectionist`s excuse.

Well, that changes today, and my first step is to make the commitment that I have been wanting to make for months and that is running. I used to run a lot and many moons ago, I even ran a half-marathon. If I did it then, why not do it now? I do have the slight post-baby bladder issue, but that hasn’t stopped anyone else. I know people who run when they are 7 months pregnant for goodness sake!

The goal: Run the Moncton, New Brunswick Legs for Literacy Half Marathon. Check out the race here

The Plan: Start with a goal of running 3 times per week and not worry too much about distance, as long as I get out and RUN! I have a half-marathon plan that I got from my dusty old copy of Runner`s World Complete Book of Women`s Running. Time to pull it out!

Apparently, this is a great race. My hubby volunteers to help out every year for the race and says it`s a great time. My one really important question is: Does this justify going on a Lululemon shopping spree for more running gear? I think yes.

So, if I’m going to get this started, that means I have to lay out my running gear and go to bed because Miss Belle will be up at 6am and definitely up for a ride in her Cadillac stroller, munching on cheerios as I try to push her through the neighborhood without hyperventilating. Fun. For all you true runners out there, please send me good vibes. I’m gonna need them!

Vanessa 🙂

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