All I can say is "WHAT?"

          The other night, I watched a film called The Romantics with my sis, and I must say that it was a true disappointment and left us both asking “What on Earth was THAT?” Overall, it was strange and the ending left much to be desired. It had a well-known cast of actors and a great-sounding storyline, but it really fell flat. It’s funny how movies that are somewhat non-mainstream, perhaps independenly produced, can really go either way. They are either some of the best films I have ever seen, or the worst. In this case, The Romantics was part of the latter. Here’s the trailer, if you feel like checking it out for yourself.

The next film I’m hoping to check out is the Oscar winning Black Swan. Here’s the trailer.

If you ‘ve see either of these films, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Vanessa 🙂

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