Babies on the Brain

Well hello there! It’s been a while. Once I started back to work in September, teaching grade 4 for the first time, the blog took a major backseat. My goal in the new year is to start posting regularly.

What’s new in our house….well, Belle is getting bigger by the minute and we`ve embarked on our potty training project with her. It is definitely harder than I expected! I had a little breakdown the other night, feeling like the worst parent ever since Belle doesn`t seem to be taking to this whole process. In desperation, I`ve decided to pull out my trusty Baby Whisperer book. I know you`re supposed to take baby book advice with a grain of salt, but this one has truly been a godsend! Stay tuned for updates. As for now, I am doing a lot of laundry and cleaning pee off the floor, the couch, you name it..

We also have some other news…We are expecting a new little bundle in May. Belle is going to have a little sibling. I can`t wait! Pregnancy has definitely been different the second time around. I must say that it’s been a challenge finding comfortable clothes that are also fashionable. On another note, I`ve started thinking about redecorating the nursery and since we found out we’re having a boy this time, I’m trying to get girly things out of my mind. What a shift. The nursery is yellow so I`m thinking blues and browns for accent colors. We`ll see. I have been checking out Spearmint Baby`s site for decorating ideas and have found one that I am loving here. It`s amazing how many inspirations you can find online these days, it`s almost overwhelming. I`m off to check out Pinterest for ideas.

Ciao for now!

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