Baking with my gal Belle

A few days ago, we had a very unexpected snow day, one of the lovely perks of being a teacher. This made for a perfect opportunity to spend the day with my favorite little gal. So, Belle and I decided to make some oatmeal muffins. She’s all about wanting to help me in the kitchen lately and I love it. I was trying to find a good oatmeal muffin recipe, and the one I found online turned out pretty well. One of my next organizing goals is to pull together all my favorite recipes so that I can always refer back to them, rather than trying to find a new one every time I want to bake. For the muffins, I used vanilla rice milk instead of cows milk and olive oil instead of vegetable oil, so they weren’t overly sweet or oily. You can find the recipe here. I would like to try this date and oatmeal muffin recipe next, which I found here.

Here are some pics of Chef Belle at work and the final product!


If anyone has a good oatmeal muffin recipe, please send it my way!

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