A visit to the farm

Well, it’s not actually a farm, but that’s what Belle calls it since Grand-Papa has a “big tractor.” My sister and her little sweet pea Lua were here for a visit, so we spent a great day doing all the things that make me think of Summer as a kid. Over the past two months, since Olivier arrived, I have been stressing about not doing all the things I had planned on this summer, as well as not blogging enough, but days like this really help throw all those worries out the window and enjoy the moment.


p.s. Sorry for the crappy photo quality

Picking strawberries with Daddy
Relaxing and testing the berries
Lovely Lua
With Auntie Renee
Look what I did!
Lua getting ready for a swim with her fancy princess life jacket
Pool time!
Olivier was happy just hanging out
Relaxing with a good book after a busy day

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