Things I Heart Thursday

It was back-to-school time for teachers and students this week, and I must say that I’ve felt that pang of anxiety and excitement that comes with a new school year. However; I’m on maternity leave with baby Olivier until the end of August 2013, so this week, I decided to focus on some fun things that I’m loving right now rather than working!

by Vanessa

One thought on “Things I Heart Thursday

  1. Costco carries Hunters and guess what? they don't fit my calves {unless I get a size 11 which makes me look like I'm wearing clown boots}, but I agree the are SUPER cute – and practical.
    Ummm I'm kinda obsessed with that nail polish colour now that you've brought it to my attention. Where does one buy essie products?
    AAAAND I seriously spent a month mourning Sex and the City when it went off the air. I always wanted to be Carrie, but I fear I'm Miranda with a touch of Charlotte.

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