Alone Time

I consider myself to be the type of person who needs a lot of alone time. That could mean time to read a magazine book, get a coffee, go for a jog or head to a yoga class, etc. I love my kiddies, but I just need a little break once in a while. Don’t we all? I definitely took my time for granted pre-babies. I now realize how much free time I actually had! These days, it looks more like heading to the powder room (I am a lady, after all…haha) and locking the door behind me, only to hear a little hand trying to open the door and ask me what I’m doing.

So, I take alone time when and where I can get it. If only my twenty-year-old self could see me now, giddy about putting on an apron, making muffins, having one beer and listening to jazz on the radio. This is precisely what I did on this quiet Friday night and it was lovely.

I found the chocolate chip-pumpkin muffin recipe on Pinterest, of course. Get it here from a lovely blog called Table for Two. They are delicious!

I hope you had an enjoyable Friday night. Have a wonderful weekend.

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