Happy Weekend

Happy Friday! What are you doing for Mother’s Day? I’m planning on spending time with Duncan and my littles, as well as my sisters and niece who have been visiting for the week. I’m hoping to have some chocolate cake and a pedicure as well (in case a certain someone is reading, wink wink). I’m always browsing the web (probably too much), and find links that I want to share. Duncan usually isn’t very interested, so I thought I would share with you. Now I know this isn’t groundbreaking, but I’m going to try and make it a weekly post and see how things go. Have a great weekend.

Nails Across America

Belle’s favorite Ipad app

Happy Mother’s Day from the animal world

The 45 most legendary photos ever taken

A pop of colour

Song for the weekend

This is food shopping

A forgotten pioneer

30×30 Nature Challenge

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