Life Lately

Getting ready for our adventure!

Not liking the noisy motor

Duncan keeping an eye on the depth sounder

                     First mate Belle with Grand-papa    

Happy Wednesday! For those of you going through a heat wave right now, I hope you’re managing to stay cool. Our summer is really short here in the Maritimes, but we definitely have our share of hot and humid days during that time. Last weekend, Belle, Duncan, my dad and I went for a little sail to catch a breeze while my mom stayed on dry land with O. He is in full walking mode now so we thought a boat wouldn’t be the best place for him. Belle was not crazy about the idea of going sailing because of the noisy motor that runs while we are leaving the marina. However, we managed to convince her with a little bribing of the candy variety. Judge if you must, but I am not above bribes when called for! After a while, Belle really found her sea legs and had a great time. Grand-papa is happy about that. Overall, we had a great day and can’t wait to get out on the water again. Here are a few pics from our outing. Thanks for reading!

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