Obsession: teepees

I’m taking a page from the lovely bloggess Saige Wisdom and am posting about one of my many obsessions. Today, it’s little teepees. Every magazine or blog I read seem to showcase a teepee of some kind and I must say I like! We have a circus tent from Ikea that is pretty fantastic, but there’s something about a teepee that is, frankly, pretty friggin’ cool. I have some bamboo that used to just sit in a vase in a corner of our playroom and I almost threw it out, but thank goodness it’s still in my garage collecting dust. Now I can use it to add a kiddie teepee to my very long list of DIY projects that I want to complete.

For now, here are some teepees that are really pretty to look at. They, along with others can be found on this Pinterest page.

Thanks for reading!

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