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Recently, my friend Elise started a company called “La maison du lait” and I though it would be interesting to find out more about it. Elise has a background in business and marketing, and a great interest in health and nutrition. Put them together and you get “La maison du lait.” Here is my interview with Elise. I hope you enjoy! 

What is “La maison du lait?”
“La maison du lait” offers fresh almond and hazelnut milk, as well as mixed almond and hazelnut flour at our local Saturday Farmers Market.

What motivated you to start this company?
The answer is simple for this one. My full-time office job isn’t very inspiring and and I needed a creative outlet, so I decided to give this a go. I knew I wanted to sell at the market, and although there was a long wait list to get a booth, everything came together and I was offered a spot really quickly. I had one week to come up with a name, logo, packaging, social media, etc. it was a whirlwind, but it worked out.
Why almond milk?
I’ve been making almond milk at home for about a year, so it felt like the natural next step to start selling it. I now also offer hazelnut milk and almond/hazelnut flour. 

What does a typical prep day for “La maison du lait” look like?
On Friday night, in preparation for Saturday morning at the market, I soak the almonds in water. Then I puree them in the blender, which helps separate the liquid from the fibre. Once this part is done,  I put the nuts in cheese cloth and wring out the liquid.This part is very labour-intensive and hard on the hands, so thankfully my boyfriend Luc is a great help with this part of the process. Once he has placed all the liquid in bowls, I add in a bit of maple syrup, vanilla and sea salt. I also offer strawberry and chocolate flavor so I add homemade strawberry puree or homemade dairy-free chocolate sauce. For hazelnut milk, I add maple syrup and a pinch of cinnamon.

For the flour, I take the fibre that is left over after making the milk and dehydrate it in the oven for 8 hours on low heat. It creates a nice flour consistency that is great for baking. 

What has been the public reaction so far?
I’ve had my booth up and running for about 7 weeks now and my clientele has been growing steadily every week. I was featured in the local newspaper so that really sparked some interest. I was nervous about what people would think, but the reaction has been really positive. People are almost surprised hoe much they like the products. They appreciate the fact that it’s pure with simple ingredients. The hazelnut milk has been the customer favourite so far. It sold out in the first three hours on the first day it was introduced! 

What is your goal for “La maison du lait?” Where do you see yourself in a year?
For now, I see myself continuing to grow my business and hopefully expanding to the Moncton Farmers Market. I would also like to offer a home delivery service. You know, like the old days when the milkman delivered milk for the week. The milk doesn’t contain any preservatives and keeps for 3 days so it would be great if customers could get their milk fresh every week even if they can’t make it to the market.

You can find Elise at the Dieppe, New Brunswick Farmers Market on Saturdays and “La maison du lait” on Facebook I can’t wait to get my almond milk next weekend!

Thank you Elise for the great interview and thanks for reading,


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