Happy Easter! I hope you had a restful day. Even though it was storming outside…as usual, we enjoyed a family day at home eating Easter candy, playing outside in the snow and doing some littles-friendly baking. The kiddos had a visit from their cousin Lua which meant they played while the mamas gossiped and drank coffee. It was also Sophie’s first Easter, so it was special to see the three kids together…Wow, sometimes I still can’t believe there are three of them now! Time flies.

Here are some pics from our day. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week!


The Egg hunt begins (Baby Sophie decided to sleep through it)

Cool guy with his new fedora

Attempt #1 at a group photo
Attempt #2 of group photo


The gals making an Easter treat (Rice Crispy Treat nests)

Enjoying the fruit of the girls’ labour

The littles’ finished product

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