10 neon signs you need now

by Vanessa Gillis

Neon signs have been around forever. Until recently,  I have either associated them with fast food joints or questionable establishments with signs like this one  (which I love, by the way). Well, times have changed and neon signs are one of the hottest trends being used in home decor. There are even some DIY tutorials out there to help you make your own (but I’m not ready to commit to that just yet.) I have been looking for something for the littles’ s playroom, but I’m thinking there are some signs that would work in other rooms. Every space can afford a little injection of playful pop art. It says: “I like to have a good time and don’t take myself too seriously.” Whether for a bedroom, bathroom or living room. There is something out there for every style and taste.  Here are my top ten picks for neon signs that should be in everyone’s house, even the super fancy ones 😉



This confetti sign takes bananas to a whole new level. It gives a certain nod to Andy Warhol’s famous banana painting.


This beauty  makes for an interesting way to greet guests. I love pink accessories and could definitely see this one in my home office. I’m thinking my eight year old Belle would love this in her room as well.


This one, just because


This Oh La La  sign adds a certain whimsical flair to a bright and airy dining room


This romantic bedroom from Style made Simple gets a special added touch from an “amour” neon sign. It ties in perfectly with the rose pebble quilt.


It doesn’t get any more fun than this. A piece like this one can really amp up your space. Especially in a kitchen like mine, where it was dated and painted. A sign like this will help accentuate or maybe distract from the imperfections.


touch of sweetness to a homework or crafting corner


Words of wisdom


Just to make your feelings super clear


 And finally, the ultimate neon sign that exudes a certain sense of empowerment

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